How to Survive and Open Water Swim Start

How to survive open water swim start

Swimming can be intimidating for triathletes, especially open water swimming.  The biggest fears I hear from athletes are: Cold water is breathtaking, not being able to see the bottom, having no lane makers or walls to rest on and swimming in close proximity with others. Click here to read more about What Lies Beneath.

  • If you are a strong and experienced swimmer, start in the front and start off at a strong pace to get away and into your own space
  • If you are a strong and less experienced open water swimmer, start off to the side and work your way to the front
  • If you are “slower” less experienced swimmer start off in the back off the pack and learn from your experience.
  • If you are a slow and experienced swimmer, try something new and start in a space you have not in the past and see how it works out for you

Each venue will provide a different experience and you can always predict what will happen. What you can do it learn from it to continue to set you up for success next time

Click here to listen to Dave and I discuss more.


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