t2coaching: What is your challenge?

As a Health, Fitness, and Sports Accountability coach, I’m here to teach you and help you learn how to change your habits so that you can meet your fitness and nutrition goals.

Are you waiting for the NEW YEAR to create a change? Do you know any kind of change needs a challenge? The smaller the challenge, the smaller the change. Have you asked yourself before “What would you do it you know you could not fail?” In my mind, if you fail you learn, so failing, in essence, is positive, since I believe learning leads to positive growth. So the question should read “What would you do to reach your goals?” You need to believe you can do something and create a plan to achieve it.  You need to dig deep into your emotions and cut the BS and find out what you want.   Sure, there’s plenty of time, start on Monday, wait until January, right?

Challenge Yourself Now. You want to be healthy, you want to increase your fitness, you want to compete in a sport? You are gonna need to work for it. Just like money, friendship, love…you need to work for it. You get out, what you put in. It may not be easy at first, it will be easy when you’ve committed and created a habit which has become part of you.  There is a reason I have doing triathlon for 27 years. You make it part of your lifestyle, it comes natural because, after many years, these things integrate with your time and space, thoughts and actions.

Most who create a challenge, never give up. They will strive to be better, to improve not only themselves, but their environment. A winner will continually challenge themselves every day. When you challenge yourself, you break away from what you were and the outcome changes.

What are you going differently to achieve your goals? What small things can you do right now that will make this minute, hour, day, week or year awesome!!!

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