t2coaching Tip: Prepare for Race Day Success

Whether you are preparing for your first event or if you are an experienced racer it is important to participate in a variety of events, a.k.a  B and C events leading up to your main, A event. The A event is your target race of the season, the one you want to perform at optimal peak fitness. Both B and C events are part of the training process,  ‘training races’ to help prepare you mentally and physically for your A race. They provide an opportunity to practice your pacing and nutrition in a race setting which will give you and your coach feedback about how your current training is going as well as determine what you might need to work on moving forward.

  • Review your nutrition plan and practice.
  • Taper to achieve maximum results on race day.
  • Motivational strategies and how to stay focused.
  • Consult with the Athlete Guide prior to the race to review information about the course and event logistics.
  • Double check travel arrangements and ensure all necessary gear, including the bike, is packed or accounted for.
  • Register within the appointed time frame; be sure to bring a photo ID, confirmation number if available and a card proving membership to the national triathlon federation hosting the event.
  • Check your registration packet to ensure everything is included. Keep any pre-race visits to the expo brief to avoid depleting your energy.
  • Attend the mandatory athlete briefing to learn more about the course and ask any questions.
  • Prep gear bags, dry clothes bag, and special needs bags (if using).
  • Check your gear, including bike, at the appointed time.

When and how long these B and C training events should be are determined by a few factors

1. Your current experience. An athlete preparing for their first event will choose different training events than an experienced multisport athlete
2. The time of the year of your A event and what is available preceding it
3. The distance of your A event, a 70.3 will prepare you more for a 140.6 event more then a sprint triathlon will.
4. Goals for your A, B and C events. Are you looking to practice your race pace or maybe you want to focus on dialing in your nutrition, or both.

Listen to our podcast for the Q and A about choosing B and C events, the last 10 minute we answered in more detail.

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