Event and Training Reflection

Mid-September, some of you may have already raced your Peak race of the season while others, like me, prefer end of summer and fall events. Whether you are planning to race again this season or next, take time to reflect on your past event and current training.

Note what worked with regards to pacing, nutrition, visualization. Also reflect on areas of growth. The answers to this question will help you reach your goals moving forward.

Below are 4 things to reflect on.

  1. Review your training peaks logs and think back to the training blocks where things just clicked, the races that went well,  racing that did not go went as planned. What did you learn?
  2. Note adversity,  what you had to overcome, mental, physical or nutritional, to reach your goals?  Note your mental and physical strength and weaknesses. What areas of your training and racing brings you most joy since joy brings success.   Whatever your weaknesses are you’ll be stronger and more resilient next time if you know what they are and prepare for them to match your strengths.
  3. Although it is important to plan ahead, planning for future events makes the training  more purposeful and enjoyable, it is important to note that life can derail your plans and to always have a backup, plan B and C. Anything is possible and that can mean illness, injury, canceled events, and other things out of your control.
  4. Don’t obsess too much about the event planning.  Stay in the moment and think about how you can take what you learned from this part of the season as a springboard to future success.

What should you be doing now?

Most athletes fall somewhere between transitional and preparation phases after a peak event.  Read more about the transition here, preparation here. Also off season tips here While others are starting to build race-specific intensity

Reach out to me with questions, comments or concerns via email or leave me a voicemail on speakpipe.com/endurancehour

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