Post Race Season Reflection

Now that your racing season is finished what to do now before next season training starts.

First, reflect on your season and answer these questions to determine what you should do now, to prepare for 2020. It is a matter of priorities, strengths, weakness, and goals

-What did you learn about yourself?

-What did you learn about your training load, what you can handle, what kind of volume fits within your lifestyle and maintaining consistency?

-What did you wish you did more or less off training wise?

-What didn’t go well about the plan you were following?

-What went well about the plan you were following?

-Do you need to focus on nutrition, weight loss or gain this time of year?

-Do you need to focus on hip mobility and core stability this time of year?

-Do you need to work on your mental game?

-Do you need to finish projects you put off due to training and racing?

-Do you need to work on active recovery?

-Do you need to work on technique, endurance, strength, speed power in the swim, bike or run or all of them?

-What career, family and other obligations do you have to focus on?

Remember, triathlon is a lifestyle, not a 3-6-9-12 month training plan. What things can you focus on how to prepare you for your next season?

The greatest predictor of performance is NOT how much time you have to train, it involves focusing on that thing you can control: training consistently, having a nutrition plan that works for you and your goals, prioritizing sleep, minimizing stress, injury prevention and maintaining a positive attitude and having strong WHY.

We all need an Off or Out of Season period to focus on other prioritizes besides training for an event so you can be successful when it counts.

What you do this offseason depends on your season reflection.

Let me know if you have any questions and leave me a voicemail at

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