10 Tips to Maintain, Don’t Gain

Tis’ the season of excess drinking and food consumption, simply attending annual holiday parties and dining out more than usual can add a ‘bowl full of jelly” around the waistline and sabotage your greatest health intentions.
Remember, we all make choices. With planning and mindfulness, you can enjoy the holiday cheer while maintaining and not gaining this year. No excuses!!!
Below are 10 tips that will help you be successful.
1. Know the menu. If you are going out to eat or attending a potluck, knowing what will be served beforehand can help you plan what and how much to snack on before your arrive. Since I eat plant-based, I hate going to parties hungry and I don’t want my dinner to consist of pretzels and candy, so I snack and pack healthy choices. Choose which foods you want to sample on the menu instead of eating to satisfaction and then realizing you missed out on, “X, Y or Z” and continue to eat it while now fully stuffed
2. Balance the alcohol consumption with water. For every alcoholic beverage, consume a glass of water to help feel “fuller” and avoid dehydration and hangover. Join our water challenge in December from our t2endurance facebook group.
3. Bring a healthy dish to share or stash in your car, so at least you have no excuse not to consume nutrient-dense foods. I know holiday work parties can consist of every baked product you can think of, I am the one who brings the veggie plate and fruit platter.
4. Avoid being “hangry” because you skipped breakfast or lunch because you plan to indulge in a sweet treat or heavier meal. The temptations can be even harder to resist and you are most likely to overeat
5. Keep your goals in mind.  If you don’t want to be hungover or feel “full” because you have a workout in mind the next day, while someone is pouring more alcohol into your glass, sip it slowly, or just say no, or pour it out and fill the glass with water.
6. Eat very mindfully. If you are socializing around the dessert table and temptation wins out, use the three-bite rule. Take three bites of the item, then toss it. Taste the food, the texture, the sensation of chewing and swallowing, drinking water between bites
7. Avoid taking leftovers. Just say “no thank you” and if you are the host, insist that the guests take home any leftovers.
8. Be active all day long, not just during your scheduled workouts. Consider some retro fitness with yard work, raking leaves, shoveling snow, help the neighbors with their yard for excess calorie expenditure
9. Have an accountability partner and challenge each other. Set up a “maintain, don’t gain” challenge where everyone puts in $10 in the pot to start and for every pound, someone gains, they have to throw in $10  / pound. Those who maintain or loss split the money pot
10.  Portion control. Pay attention to how much you fill your plate, eat slowly so when the host starts asking guests if they want seconds, you can say you are still working on your first helping or just say “no thank you.”
Please share how you have been successful and maintaining, not gaining over the holidays by leaving us a voicemail at Speakpipe.com/endurancehour or join our t2Endurance Club facebook group and join the chatter.

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