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Luckily, you don’t need to have all of your favorite equipment and machines available to get a good workout when you’re on the move.
Everyone knows what it’s like to love working out but to have work and travel interrupt they’re most perfectly laid plans.

Below I’ve detailed a quick but very effective workout you can do in just twenty minutes in any hotel room.

Maybe you’re at a small motel with no gym or you’re at a big conference and you only have a little time to yourself to do your routine.

Either way, this workout has you covered.

Its secret is that it targets the most important muscle groups and movements your body has and uses a time efficient method to get the most benefit from them.

Start by Grouping Your Exercises Into Circuits

In order to get the most work done in the smallest amount of time, we want to group our sets into circuits.

That means we want to follow one set with another exercise that targets a different muscle group.

For example, if we were doing pushups we want to follow them with some rows or squats.

Working out like this means we need less rest in between sets because we’re using different or opposing muscles.

That means we can do the same workout but much faster. On top of that, we’re also going to get more cardiovascular work in because we’re pushing ourselves faster.

The Second Part is Making Sure to Target the Biggest Muscle Groups

Next, we want to make sure that we’re targeting the most important and biggest muscle groups.

If we only have a little time we want to make sure that everything we do counts.

That’s why we’re going to avoid any muscle isolation exercises, like tricep kickbacks, and stick with compound movements, like the pushup.

This will make sure that we target all of the biggest and most important muscles in our bodies.

The 20 Minute Hotel Room Workout

For the purposes of this workout, you’re going to only use bodyweight exercises since you probably won’t be able to carry a lot of equipment with you.

The four exercises you’re going to be using are:

  • Pushups
  • Bodyweight Rows
  • Planks
  • Squats

You want to do at least three sets of each exercise but you’re going to arrange them into circuits.

That means you’ll do the exercises in this order; pushups followed by bodyweight rows followed by a plank and finally some squats.

After that, you want to rest one minute before performing all four exercises again.

Once you perform three of these circuits your muscles should be feeling a good burn but if you want a little extra conditioning you can use a jump rope that is easy to pack when you’re traveling.

Some of you might be worried that pushups are too easy but the truth is that you can make them a lot harder just by the way you position your body.

You can elevate your feet and also move your hands closer to your hips or midsection to significantly increase the difficulty and target other muscle groups.

For the bodyweight rows, you have two options; you can either use a table or a sturdy doorknob.

In order to use a table, you want to lie flat underneath it and grip the edge with your hands.

Then lift your upper body up off of the floor with your heels still on the ground.

This pulling motion will exercise both your biceps and your back.

However, if you don’t have a sturdy table in your room you can also use a doorknob.

To do this you want to wrap a towel around both sides and use it to lean back and then pull yourself forward.

Just make sure that the towel and doorknob are secure and that the floor in the bathroom isn’t slippery before you begin.


You can use this workout wherever you are; whether you’re traveling or just pressed for time.

Just pick three major movements;

  • One kind of push
  • One kind of pull
  • One kind of squat

By doing this you can get a quick full body workout wherever you are and make sure that you don’t fall too far off track when you can’t get to the gym.


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