Ways to Stay Healthy While Travelling [Infographic]

Guest blogger, Jay Willams

Travelling extensively, particularly for business can leave you physically and mentally
drained; staying on top of your game and healthy can be difficult. Jet-setting can put your
the body under pressure due to the dehydration from flying, the constant change of
environments and the increased exposure to potential illnesses can pose a big risk.
But it’s not all bad news, traveling can be extremely restful and rejuvenating and it is
possible to stay healthy, even when traveling frequently.
Travel can be very dehydrating and tiring, so it’s important to try and counteract that as
much as possible as feeling thirsty and tired is a sure way to overeat and become inactive.
Here is a great graphic provided by De Vere Hotels that details 8 simple and actionable tips
that will help you to stay fit and active while you’re away.

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