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I’m here to teach you and help you learn how to change your habits, so that you can meet your fitness and nutrition goals.

Do you know any kind of change needs a challenge. The smaller the challenge, the smaller the change. When we think small, it’s one dimensional. As a coach, I teach my clients to think in three realms. Body, Mind and Emotions. You need to believe you can do something and you will. You need to push safely beyond the pain and the body compensates to adapt. You need to dig deep into your emotions and cut the BS and find out what the hell you want from life. It’s your life, DON’T WASTE IT AWAY. Sure, there’s plenty of time, tomorrow.. right? Tomorrow is another day down the drain, when you don’t act on your thoughts and intentions. Tomorrow is another excuse.

Challenge Yourself Now… You want to be healthy, you want to increase your fitness, you want to compete in a sport? You are gonna need to work for it. Just like money, friendship, love…you need to work for it. You get out, what you put in. It may not be easy, it will be easy, when you’ve made it a habit which has become part of you. You live it, breath it and it comes naturally because after many years, these things integrate with your time and space, thoughts and actions.

Working out, building muscle, getting leaner, following your nutrition plan, that is gonna be all new or somewhat new to those other things like career, love, friendship. Do you give up easily on those things? No. A winner will strive to be better. A winner will strive to improve not only themselves, but their environment. A winner will continually challenge themselves every day. When you challenge yourself, you break away from what you were, the outcome changes. Things will change. So, challenge yourself to go in the direction and lead with your body, mind and emotions.

Thanksgiving is less then a week away (not sure how that happened). What are you going to do between Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years? Gain weight like the rest of the nation or lose weight like my groups did last year? Two great groups that are only a few weeks long that can help you get to 1/1/13 in better shape than you are right now and they won’t mess up your Thanksgiving day or your Christmas day celebrations. Work hard in between and celebrate on the holidays.

Who’s in? Reply to this email.

Over eating makes you fat
Caruso burns calories
Eating portion control and clean helps you lose fast

More than a New Year’s Resolution, this is looking at your day to day life and what small tweaks you can make to have an amazing 2015.

It isn’t always about large lifestyle changes; many time those are impossible to sustain, but small incremental improvements can make the biggest difference in the world. A .5% change compounded throughout the year, will be astronomical in 365 days!

For me personally I am going to be focus on being more proactive. (1 more call, 1 more rep, 1 more better meal/day) For the last number of years I have been very reactive vs. forward thinking. This will allow me to gain control of my personal and professional life instead of being held captive to circumstances that can easily spin out of control.

I am really looking forward to these changes and I believe that they will make a huge impact over the course of 2015 and beyond.

What are you going differently in 2015 to achieve your goals? What small things can you do right now that will make this minute, hour, day, week or year awesome!!!

We can all learn from each other.

Have a great week!

What motivates you ?

Why did you join Team BeachBody?

One of my goals in 2015 is to grow my Team and get more engagement form participants. I added Beachbody coaching to my resume to help others with their health and fitness who don’t want to participant in triathlon or other endurance sports. I invite you to join my weekly fitness or nutrition challenges on facebook. The 5 fruits and veggies a day, water Wednesday, Awesome April to August Abs, Steps and Plank a day seemed to be most popular. A couple of you participated, I would love to get more of you involved for weekly accountablity. Reply to this message and I will send you more details about joining.

I will to continue to offer weekly challenges cause I am motivated by challenges and they keep me accountable too. I started a 10000 step a day November and increased it to 15000 a day in December cause I started running again. My goal for 2015 is 15000 average steps per day or 10500 per week. I eat plant based so 5 a day is a given for me. I sometimes stray away from water so also have a goal to drink half my body weight in ozs of water each day. Strengthen my core is also a goal so doing daily planks as well at MaxInsanity:30 should help.

Anyone doing a 2015 Beachbody challenge with a chance to win prizes and money? In 2014 I completed the 21 day fix and PIYo BeachBody challenge and received a T-shirt and am more flexible and leaner then I have been been in January. Now I am doing the MaxInsanity:30 challenge with maintaining the 21 day fix nutrition plan. Please reach out to me if you have questions about your current program or are interested in finding one that will help you reach your goals and fitness level.

January BeachBody promotions include the following challenge packs (fitness DVDS plus Shakeology). Want to try a sample, just reply to this email with what flavor and I will send you a FREE sample. Shakeology alone is around $140 and the program alone is around $120, so you can see you are saving $$ with the challenge packs. Even the challenge packs not on promo are still a $25-$50 savings.

3 day Refresh $140
21 day fix english and spanish $140
MaxInsanity:30 $180

The holidays will soon be over and New Years Resolutions will be in full swing.

What are your fitness and nutrition goals for the 2015?

I became a Team Beachbody Coach to help people reach whatever health and fitness goals they may have for themselves. I am commited to you and to help you reach your goals if you are ready to commit to me. Start your New Year by joining the BeachBody Challenge

In 2015 I am starting a New Challenge Accountability Group every month for those who are ready for a change. It takes 21 days to create a habit, all BeachBody programs come with a 30 day no question asked money back guarantee! Two reasons to try something new. I can help you decide which program is best for you, based on your goals, current fitness level and experience.

Research has shown that the people most successful in obtaining their health and fitness goals do these three things:

1. Workout
2. Have an accountability group or partner
3. Eat breakfast

Click here to learn more on how the my challenge groups will work

3 more days to take advantage of December Challenge Packs (Fitness + Nutrition + Accountability = Success)

MaxInsanity:30 – Click here for more detials
Les Mills Combat- Click here for more details.
Les Mills Pump-Click here for more details

Maybe you are interested a BeachBody nutrition program, 21 day fix, the Ultimate Reset or 3 day refresh?

I am available guide and provide you the tools you need to be succesful. You need to believe you can do something and you will. You need to dig deep into your emotions and cut the excuses and find out what you want from life. It’s your life, DON’T WASTE IT AWAY.
Make 2015 the Healthiest Year!

Reach out to me by replying to this email with questions, comments or concerns about your fitness or nutrition program. We can also set up a time to chat on the phone.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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