Six Benefits of Tracking your Food Intake.

Are you struggling with your nutrition intake, often times eating too much and or make unhealthy food choices? Do you track your food intake? Are you honest? Do you share with others on your blog or have a friend who is there for you?? The biggest benefit in tracking what you current intake is if your goal is to change it and need help create a personalized meal plan.

There maybe many reasons why you might be struggling with losing  body fat or making unhealthy choices and only ONE reason that matters, you have not made it a priority to seek out local help from a Dietician or keep track and being honest with yourself.

On way to get back on track with good nutrition choices is to commit to keeping a FOOD journal and track every calorie that goes into your mouth. Write out what you eat daily and how it makes you feel before and after you eat it. Initially you may hang your head in shame then over time your track record becomes better.

What does food tracking do?
~ It makes you face what you know, don’t want to see, or admit.
~ It helps you see problem areas
~ It helps you see problem times and where these problems are associated with emotions or stress
~ It keeps you accountable
~ It keeps you honest
~ It helps you take aim and be the version of you, that you want to be.

I am not perfect! I love  eating fruits and vegetables, plant based proteins and I also love my candy and some sweets.  Sometimes I fall short, then I restart.

Often I do well but have my breakdown. It’s all GOOD. It’s all a process. Being mindful of what I have been prone to eat lately has done all of this for me.

If you are trying to lose body fat, it is beneficial to get your your body fat and circumference measurements done as baseline, a starting place. Don’t get hung up on the number just let patient and practice good habits. Often the scale may not tell you what you need to know, your body composition will.

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