Shakeology is not just a protein drink


Just google post workout recovery drinks and meals and you know that after training you have to consume some sort of calories in order to see gains.

How to Make the Perfect Shake for Weight Loss

Many people look to supplements in the form of powdered drink mixes for these calories because they are in a hurry or lack the desire to prepare and cook their meals. Often overlooking the difference between a protein shake and a meal replacement shake

A protein shake has a high amount of protein with very little (usually 5 grams or less) carbohydrates. These are low in calories and often higher in protein then what you kidneys can handle and often the excess protein in this protein supplement is excreted in your urine. During your workout your body used calories from protein, carbohydrates and fat, depending on the intensity and duration of your workout. Drinking a meal replacement, like Shakeology, contains a balance of quality protein for muscle repair, carbohydrates to replenish lost muscle glycogen and enhance protein synthesis, and healthy fat that your body needs for cell function and metabolism and satiation.

Shakeology is a great recovery drink because it has a 3:1 balance of protein to carbohydrate that gives muscles a chance to absorb the protein and get glycogen back into the muscles. If you are using this meal replacement as a post-workout shake you don’t need to eat any additional nutrients.

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My Favorite is the Vegan Vanilla because I can create so many different flavors




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