Black Squirrel Half Marathon 2011

This time last year I was over trained and injured and not that motivated to run 100 miles on September 19th. Not to be repeated, I started to  taper down my running miles for Run Rabbit Run, 1.5 weeks ago.  I am approaching the taper like I approach an Ironman Taper, my peak weeks are week 4 and 5. I hit 100 miles both weeks with plenty of altitude training and included some “speed” and “tempo” runs. I use those terms loosely since I am not that fast right now.

I often refer to Joe Friel philosophy, “When tapering you’re losing “fatigue” in order to gain “form.” You’re not gaining fitness, although it will feel like you are.”  Now, 2 weeks out, time to cut the junk and maintain some form and intensity.

This past Labor Day weekend I focused on form and intensity at the Inaugural Black Squirrel Half Marathon on Saturday and Colorado Run 5k on Monday.  My legs felt strong both days. I finished 6th in my age group Saturday beating my goal time by 3 minutes. I won my age group and masters division at the 5k on Monday (all the fast girls stayed home). Below are 2 photos from the start of each event.



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