T2Coaching: How to Master Freestyle Swimming Basics

It’s no secret that swimming is a technique­ intensive sport. Whether your goal is to develop a healthy, injury­ free fitness routine or perform faster in races, good form is a fundamental prerequisite.

Giving advice without demonstrating in person is more difficult. Seeking out a local coach with experience teaching adults is best, someone who uses both above and underwater video. Video is a great tool to show swimmers what they are doing right and what they’re doing wrong. I personally film each swimmer I coach above and underwater then download the videos on deck to view and assess, then get in the water to demonstrate.

Since I coach a lot of distant athletes, they send me their video for swim feedback so I can create a brief video for them discussing each aspect of the stroke and the overall big picture of the freestyle stroke. Watching videos is useful because you can pause and focus on the separate phases of the freestyle stroke while watching the video.

Below is my “Freestyle Swimming: How to Master the Basics” step­ by ­step system. This is what I follow when I first meet a new swimmer on deck and/or watch their video. First we go through the “big” picture during our initial session and break the stroke down into manageable components.
Video Demonstrations Include the 3 Phases of the Swim Stroke:

– High Elbow Recovery
– Hand Entry
– Underwater Pull

Additional in pool instruction and demonstrations cover: Breathing, Body Balance, Kicking, Rotation and Bilateral Breathing.

Swimming Drill Video Demonstrations: Thumb Slide, Fingertip Drag, Underwater Pull, Punching, Balance, Catch Up and Head Out of the Water.

Bonus Videos:  4-Part Masters Swimming Class on Balance & 9  Q&A sessions with Wendy!

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