Food for Fitness- What matters more for a healthy weight loss.

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A very hot and debatable question I hear in the health and wellness field from many of my clients is: Which matters more—fitness or diet when it comes to sustainable and healthy weight loss? Can we out-exercise a poor diet, or is food our foundation?

With so many controversial fitness and diet trends and theories such as clean eating, paleo, and juice cleanses (to name a few), it’s easy to be confused on what is best for sustained weight loss, or optimal weight.

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What’s the one food item that you consider the most important staple of you day?

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Coach Wendy

10 Lifestyle Habits for Healthy Eating

What you eat impacts how you sleep, train and perform. What and how much you eat really depends on your goals. Are you eating for better health? Are you eating for weight loss? Are you eating for performance?
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