Coaching Philosophy

Our approach to coaching is simple and honest. We design our programs based on your current level of fitness, your goals and your needs.
Using a variety of assessment tools we gain an accurate measure to determine your starting point, health challenges, preferred activities and personal goals. Then we design a personalized plan for your success.
And finally we offer training and support to help keep you motivated and on track.

Focus Areas

  • Health: No matter where you start, your health is most important. If you are starting an exercise program your goals may include reduced blood pressure, improved mobility or healthier body composition.
  • Fitness: Here is where you take it to the next level. Increased frequency and duration of exercise will significantly improve your quality of life. Goals might include walking in your first 5k, hike a local trail, or begin competing in a sport.
  • Sport: Ready to set a PR? By committing to regular, periodized training, based on your goals, anything is possible. With proper coaching you will learn what to do when, and how to fit it all into your busy life.

Featured Posts


Body Weight Movements to Maximize your 30 minute workout

Training with your bodyweight is a great way to stay in shape. Freeing yourself from all those tiresome machines and payment plans, you can get a great workout from the comfort of your own home. When you think about how people stayed in shape before gyms and fancy workout equipment were the norm, bodyweight training […]

t2coaching Tips: Racing in the Heat

I love training in the heat, both dry and humid climates. As a lifeguard and now coach, I am aware of the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke: When your body heat exceeds its ability to cool down. Heat exhaustion is characterized by the inability to continue exercise, headache, fatigue, chills, nausea and confusion. It […]

Boulder 70.3 -JENNIFER G

Swim was only probably like a 5 cuz I almost threw up from the meds! So I think working on some sprints will help and timed stuff and not being sick! Oh and this one Damn girl every time I would try to get around her (she wasn’t sighting) she’d swim left or if I […]


My favorite Post Training Smoothies

 Smoothies are by far the best place to start if you are looking to change your diet, your life and your health. Green, Red, Brown, yellow…. Any color smoothies can make your energy sore, give you more than the daily recommended requirement of fresh fruits and vegetables, refresh, heal and energize!  If you are looking to kickstart your body […]

Boulder 70.3-BJ

What an amazing day!! Thank you to everyone that came out to support me!!! I had a strong swim and a killer bike split but I fell apart on the run. I learned a lot today and all the hard work has definitely paid off. Finished 6 minutes ahead of my goal so I couldn’t […]

Boulder 70.3-Jennifer G.

Just wanted to say thank you so so much to my amazing coach lady Wendy Mader for dealing w my crazy and getting me to Boulder with barely 3 months of training! I had one goal today really – race healthy! And that I did and that is also bc of an amazing PT who […]

Victoria 70.3- Julie K.

0415 – Up and Oatmeal for breakfast 0515- At swim start had red bull zero 0615- In water for warm up, a little nervous but anxious to get swim done. 0624- Swim start. Felt relaxed and strong. Really enjoyed swim!! Felt good coming out of water. T1 transition went well. Nutrition on bike. Bike course was […]

Boulder 70.3- Kristi C.

Swim: 43:47 Bike: 3:46.21 Run: 3:23.17 Overall I felt strong all day, happy and no issues with stomach or feeling lightheaded. I’m disappointed with my times- and definitely felt like I was going faster than I did, especially on the bike and swim. I didn’t wear a wetsuit- just Tri suit and Roku wetsuit shorts. […]


How to remove race number tattoos

I posted the question on facebook wall and a group i am in “You know your an Ironman When…” The response was overwhelming, I stopped keeping track over 300 responses. In order of frequency below were the responses: Wear it with pride Why ? Rubbing Alcohol Baby Oil Hand sanitizer Tape (packing, duck, scotch) Nail Polish […]