Coaching Philosophy

Our approach to coaching is simple and honest. We design our programs based on your current level of fitness, your goals and your needs.
Using a variety of assessment tools we gain an accurate measure to determine your starting point, health challenges, preferred activities and personal goals. Then we design a personalized plan for your success.
And finally we offer training and support to help keep you motivated and on track.

Focus Areas

  • Health: No matter where you start, your health is most important. If you are starting an exercise program your goals may include reduced blood pressure, improved mobility or healthier body composition.
  • Fitness: Here is where you take it to the next level. Increased frequency and duration of exercise will significantly improve your quality of life. Goals might include walking in your first 5k, hike a local trail, or begin competing in a sport.
  • Sport: Ready to set a PR? By committing to regular, periodized training, based on your goals, anything is possible. With proper coaching you will learn what to do when, and how to fit it all into your busy life.

Featured Posts

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t2coaching: Resolution

Now is a great time to reflect on your season and how you plan to make necessary changes so you are successful in 2015. Categorize your goals: family, health, relationships, finances, career. Maybe you decide you want to create more balance (in life and with your strength), train more or less or fine-tune your nutrition. […]


Sunday 4:30 am headed out to the race. It was raining, gloomy and foggy but what ‘cha gonna do? You can’t pick the weather on race day, right? Off to the race we go…. Set up transition, got my game face on then headed for the water. It started raining harder and harder but thank […]

Martine – Xterra World Championships

Amazing experience…. The Maui gods were looking down kindly today… Water conditions were perfect… Practically no surf, and just a bit of current. Just a pity I’m such a crap swimmer as I think I finished in my swim place!!! Race was great from start to finish… I probably took it a bit too easy […]

Ask Coach Wendy: Bike Efficiency, Pedal Stroke and Cycling Drills

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t2coaching S.M.A.R.T

Whether your goal is health oriented (to lose weight, gain muscle, lower blood pressure or cholesterol), improve your fitness level (gain endurance, strength and speed) or sport (train for an event such as a 5k or triathlon) setting S.M.A.R.T. goals can help you achieve success by keeping you motivated and focused. S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym […]

Making the most of your fall and winter strength training routine

If you are a triathlete, fall and winter is a great time to focus on strength training. Why is strength training important? As a triathlete, your dominant muscle groups (pecs/lats/quads/glutes/hamstrings) get stronger by the repetitive nature of swimming, biking and running, while your smaller stabilizer muscles (the 26 muscles that make up your core and […]


Just wanted to inform you that I have completed Gloria safely at 5:34. Indeed I have raced better than I have thought although the bike course was bit hard. Swimming 30:28 Bike 2:57 Run 1:56 Transition times were longer around 9 min L Recovery was good after the race as well. Although we did not […]