Coaching Philosophy

Our approach to coaching is simple and honest. We design our programs based on your current level of fitness, your goals and your needs.
Using a variety of assessment tools we gain an accurate measure to determine your starting point, health challenges, preferred activities and personal goals. Then we design a personalized plan for your success.
And finally we offer training and support to help keep you motivated and on track.

Focus Areas

  • Health: No matter where you start, your health is most important. If you are starting an exercise program your goals may include reduced blood pressure, improved mobility or healthier body composition.
  • Fitness: Here is where you take it to the next level. Increased frequency and duration of exercise will significantly improve your quality of life. Goals might include walking in your first 5k, hike a local trail, or begin competing in a sport.
  • Sport: Ready to set a PR? By committing to regular, periodized training, based on your goals, anything is possible. With proper coaching you will learn what to do when, and how to fit it all into your busy life.

Featured Posts

t2coaching: Benefits of hiring a coach

Are you looking for coaching or just a training plan? What is t2coaching? What is t2training? I started “coaching” 18 years ago. I use the term loosely cause I did not have a coach and now I know, back then, I was just creating training plans, not coaching. What is the difference? Anyone can find […]

Getting Started with your Irondistance Training Program

Watching the Hawaii Ironman World Championships broadcast on TV is enough to motivate any triathlete to want to train and complete and Iron Distance event. Although I did not watch the NBC broadcast, I was in Kona the entire week before the Ironman. Being there live, coaching 3 athletes the months leading up to their […]

Horsetooth 10k Swim 2014

The Horsetooth 10k swim started in 1999 as a fundraising for Partners, and is now a Team Fort Collins event. The course covers the length of Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, Colorado. Swimmers (and paddlers) start at the north end and swim to South Bay swim beach. Water temperatures over the years have ranged from […]

Solo Act or Team Player?

I am into my 25th season of racing triathlons, and after finishing 15 Ironman events, I almost always train alone. A few of my workouts are with athletes I coach. As a coach, the bulk of what I do is provide coached group workouts for others, to help keep them motivated and on track. When it comes […]

Finding your Fitness-what aspect of training will benefit you most

While training and or racing I think about the most important components of racing. Is it endurance? Speed and power? Nutrition? Technique and skill? Mental toughness? The reality is that they all are important. Any given one can be the weak link that ruins your performance. First and foremost, you need endurance to be able […]

t2coaching Tips: Racing on a Budget

Each year, many endurance newbies discover just how cool the tri world is – and how expensive it can be. Between the basic gear (running shoes, a bike, helmet, swimsuit, cap, goggles), without all the bells and whistles (road bike, tri bike, aerobars, aero helmet, wetsuit, and race wheels, to name a few) plus race […]

t2coaching: Healthy Weight and Nutrition Tips

This time of year athletes are struggling to lose weight they gained over the holiday, fall, winter, “out of season” months. I used to be one of them. I see comments, questions and posts on facebook about the best nutrition book, how to loose “X” amount of pounds, how to reach race weight. Ask 10 people […]

Polar Bear 5k and Plunge

It was a warm sunny 50 degree Colorado Winter Day. Great weather to Plunge into 38 degree Horsetooth Rez. I road to the venue and was freezing already when I arrived         I won my age group in the 5k I was on of 300 people to plunge into 38 degree water […]

t2coaching: Breakdown of the Freestyle stroke

It’s no secret that swimming is a technique-intensive sport. Whether your goal is to develop a healthy, injury-free fitness routine or perform faster in races, good form is a fundamental prerequisite. Giving advice without demonstrating in person is more difficult. Seeking out a local coach with experience teaching adults is best, one that uses above […]